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Hi, my name is Scott.  I’m a public speaker, software engineer, sales engineer, and blogger.  I’m an odd combination of tech nerd and sport’s nut! 
I’ve been passionate about sports, in particular baseball, since I was a little kid.  If you gave me a glove and baseball I could entertain myself for hours every day!  I also enjoy a lot of other sports like softball, golf, basketball, football, and pickleball.   

Then there’s winter sports!  I’ve been skiing and snowboarding, mainly in the Midwest, since I was a teenager and I love it!   

I went to school for Computer Science and became a Software Engineer before moving on to Sales Engineer. The focus of my tech career has been all about data! Extracting, analyzing, and migrating data!  Along the way I’ve done a ton a public speaking, even speaking in front of thousands at once in person.   

My goal with this blog is to combine all of those skills and passions into helping you find the best fitness and sports equipment and tech.  I’ll extract the data, filter it down to the most important stuff, and share it with you!

I’ll put in the time and effort to find and explain the best equipment or tech to help you achieve your fitness goals, master your favorite sport, or even just have fun trying out something new as part of your active lifestyle.   

I hope you enjoy the content and reviews! Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. 

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